DANMARK SECURITY currently has over 150 Security Professionals posted in the Chicago land area and is on the move as more and more perspective clients make their way through our phone lines. DANMARK SECURITY was founded by Mark A. Delia and Dan Petronijevic and first officially opened its doors on November 1, 2001. While we are a young company, our experience goes far beyond that of our more tenured competitors. The two main principals of DANMARK SECURITY maintain an unchallenged track record in safeguarding major commercial office buildings, residential properties, industrial sites, private property and people.

DANMARK SECURITY’s management philosophy goes beyond settling for adequate and pursues excellence. We are setting standards today that our larger competitors will try to emulate tomorrow. Our commitment to top quality security service remains the heart of our operation. DANMARK SECURITY is a uniquely spirited company. We take pride in our ability to find innovative business solutions for our clients, while providing the absolute best in management support, recommendations, remedial action and other “value added” services.

The growth we have experienced since beginning our operations in 2001 is attributable directly to our reputation within the security industry as a company whose name is synonymous with responsive, quality service. DANMARK Security’s commitment to quality differentiates us from other firms providing similar services. It is our goal to be a service “partner” to our customers, not just a service “provider”. Our delivery of a service on this scale and commensurate with our high standards can only come about by having an experienced management team, coupled with well trained and highly motivated employees. This is a philosophy that entails making constructive recommendations and taking preventive or corrective actions when appropriate before a problem occurs.

At DANMARK SECURITY we firmly believe that a good business reputation does not spring up overnight. We believe it grows slowly and soundly rooted with a solid ground of Customer Satisfaction. DANMARK SECURITY is returning to the security industry an old-fashioned customer service philosophy. The word “service” is too often forgotten by the mergers, acquisitions and leveraged buyouts of today’s big business world. You have our personal guarantee that the quality service you expect and deserve is the quality service you will receive?.and then some!


Mark and Dan