security_officer2DANMARK SECURITY’s commitment to quality service extends through the security professionals that we place at our client’s properties. A thorough screening process, which includes but not limited to, state license verification, Criminal History background check, drug screening and an experience based selection process, enables DANMARK Security to find the perfect security professional to meet your needs.

DANMARK SECURITY has the latest and up-to-date information on today’s changing security needs. The challenges and responsibilities are changing everyday for the high rise commercial and residential community. A DANMARK Security Officer is trained to be exceptional in area of observation and deterrence. Those qualities mixed with a professional customer service attitude makes for an exceptional Security Professional for today’s evolving security demands.



Patrol and Inspection service is also an available option. The use of the Patrol and Inspection service can supplement and/or enhance your existing security operation. It can also provide adequate security coverage for those client properties that do not require around the clock manned security coverage. Either way the patrol / inspections service provides a very cost-effective option to providing security services. Rates will vary depending on the location of the property to be patrolled. Please inquire if this is a service you may be interested in.


DANMARK SECUIRTY carries expertise in the area of Industrial Security. We specialize in the development of specialized security programs to include, loss prevention, facility/safety patrols, access control etc. We offer this Industrial specifc security to many businesses including the following (but not limited to); Warehouses, Trucking Companies, Distribution Centers and others.


DANMARK SECURITY has mobile patrol units which are available to be contracted by specific clients to patrol their community. This service is ideal for gated communities, apartment complexes, subdivisions and mobile home communities. Depending on the needs of the client community, our patrol services could include preventive patrols which include regularly scheduled routine patrols as well as response to complaints such as disturbances, loitering, suspicious persons, noise, etc. DANMARK SECURITY also provides traffic control. All of our patrol units are fully recognizable in our highly visible patrol vehicles. This presence alone will provide a great source of deterrence.


DANMARK SECURITY has deployed uniformed, trained, and courteous security officers for many events. Our security professionals wear the distinctive DANMARK SECURITY uniform. We also provide uniforms known more as access screeners or valet attendants.

DANMARK SECURITY takes pride in its ability to coordinate, organize and maintain a large staff of security professionals for any event. This type of knowledge is absolutely necessary to supply the highest levels of customer service and crowd management.


Internal theft can cost businesses millions of dollars each year. Drug and alcohol abuse, inappropriate relationships and/or conflicts of interest, sabotage are all issues that negatively effect the work environment as well as your bottom line. Various clients have called upon DANMARK SECURITY to investigate situations such as the ones mentioned above. Our undercover investigators can confidentially infiltrate these situations and provide a factual report. This will allow you to make informed decisions and evaluate your security operation to avoid such issues in the future.


DANMARK SECURITY has provided personal protection to people ranging from mayoral candidates to CEO’s and executives. There are many different scenarios for Personal Protection. A few examples are, responding to a specific threat such as a disgruntled ex-employee, escort to special events and monitoring a residence or workplace for either a specific person are a potential perpetrator. Armed or Unarmed professionals are available based on the criteria for your situation.